September has been an active month of changes and testing. In terms of the community, tips have now been added to blogs and we have implemented TinyMCE to the description/biography area of Pages/Groups/Events and Profiles 😎. Please do not abuse this.  We wanted to give you the ability to be more creative with what you are sharing in those areas .

    With our talk on commission and monetization, we have decided that for the market and monetization we will require photo ID or password. Like all other commercial areas of site, they have been set at a 3% commission. ID verification is only required for Market and Monetization. Like Patreon and FansOnly you are able to monetize your content. You can set a price/sub on your profile, groups, and pages, by enabling monetization. 

     We also added a regular pro package that is $10/month or $5 a month if you pay for a year up front. This will give you the ability to boost your pages/content, marks you as a featured member, and free you from seeing others ads on the website. Also you can recieve tips which is perfect if you are a D.J or blogger or other hobbies. You can look at tips like donations. There is no commission on tips. Being a Pro/VIP memeber is mainly a way to help support the community/radio station and we give you some perks for your support. 

     Do not feel pressured to spend money. You get full access to the rest of the site with no limits. Ads on the site are not third party. They are ads from others here in the community. We try not to use third parties where we do not have to. More news to come within the next few months.