So much radio news, how about community news? The web community has returned fully, no longer hidden behind the station, and we wanted to highlight some of the awesome features we have, besides listening to the radio and requesting music 😊 So to start things off, what is MyVyBZ? was and is still a community of likeminded people sharing talents/hobbies that inspire them and inspiring others as well. The name was inspired by our original domain VyBZ.Live we let go of when we transferred to MyVyBZ. Being into virtual worlds and games, we wanted a place where anyone could join as themselves or even an avatar or gaming character, with no fear of being banned. That still holds true today and we have no wish to change that. The only time, personal information will be needed/required is for monetization. Which is one of the new features 😉The following is what you currently can do on the community:


Make/Design a profile

Edit your profile, including privacy settings

Connect Accounts and Switch Between Them

Create a Group

Make a Page

 Take part in the forums

Share various things from your newsfeed which include: audio, videos, photos, how your feeling, and more.

Steam Video/Hold Conference using our Live Video Server MyVyBZ.Net integrated into the community (Perfect for the following: classes, meetings, one on one chats) (It includes: chat, video, chatgpt, whiteboard, and a lot more)  

Monetize your content $$$, yes just like Patreon or FansOnly, you can lock access to your profile posts, pages, groups to a subscription. Still working out how we want to do commission. We may not take commission and as long as you are a pro member you will be able to use it. Keep in mind we will request verification when you monetize for your security and the community. This will also earn you the verified badge. This is also a work in progress, with more features to come in the future.

There is a market and jobs section as well with more to come in those areas as well.


As time goes on, we will unveil more and provide more information. There are some features that will need to be improved on over time and we will continue to do so.