We want to wish everyone a great rest of your holiday season and a great new year to come in 2024. We have added alot of new stuff to the site and improvements.  First one is that the site has undergone some nice design changes. Second we got the PWA Mobile app back up and it will show on the top of every page. Once clicked, if on Android, an install button should appear. To install on PC as an app, click the install on this computer, press here. It will then give you the option to install as an app on P.C. IOS will one day work with PWA's but until then, press your share icon at bottom after you pull up the website in safari,  and scroll down to add to home screen.

      To go with the PWA app, the site itself, when downsized will turn into a mobile friendly format.  This will make operating on mobile feel like using a native app. At this time we are not sure if we will be going back with Native apps due to costs. We have always been big supporters of PWA apps as well as their ease of use and speed. Also they do not take up the extra space you just may not have. 


     The My Content menu we removed, as everything can be accessed from the top left corner hamburger menu ☰. You can like the old days also access most your stuff just going to your profile. There are now chat room instances you can enable in Groups and Events as well and more udpates to the monetization/subscription system on the community. Also we have improved the radio player to be a bit more faster and responsive. We hope you enjoy the updates and let us know what you think and if you find any bugs, etc.