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Since a young age there has always been a part of Kyle that loved music. He would listen to the radio, make mix tapes, and pretend he had a club in front of him as he played tunes and pretend like he had his own radio station. This was always a dream of his and would make it a reality when discovering online radio is 2006.

He started his first online radio station in 2007 under the name of Club Geser Radio. They did a morning show and he hired people to help. Online radio is a hard business and he has tried to pick it back up again through Altered Peace Radio as well as SHRadio and Radio.VyBZ.Live. Things do not always go as planned and there is a lot involved in radio in terms of cost and royalty licensing that can become a lot of money for something non-profit. One thing stood true though and that is he would never give up on his djing and wanting to be on radio.

Besides his own radio stations he also has worked at RNK Radio, Monekylick Radio, and EpicGamerRadio. Three stations no longer around, but a lot of great memories and experiences. Online radio allows for a much bigger audience and more variety which is why he has always enjoyed online radio more. One day he hopes to find a home at another great station out there he can dedicate himself to. 

Kyle (DjKwave), plays various music and that varies depending on where he is and what someone may need. He likes all music and when it comes to his favorite genres it would be the following: 90's and Rock music of all sub genres. Sometimes he will mix live and always open to requests. Always a next song guarantee, unless there is another song up ahead of yours, or only seconds to spare. 

He uses Virtual DJ software and believes it to be the best on the market. Kyle does sound editing and can make dj/radio intros, sweepers, and advertisements. He also uses a professional Mic for best audio quality when he talks and interacts with the people when he is on air. Interacting with the listener is important and if people just wanted to hear music they would turn on Spotify. The reason we listen to a D.J is for entertainment and the fun. Kyle holds this to the upmost importance. He will do games like name that tune and others when on air to add enjoyment and fun through his set. He is available for online radio stations, events, and even for virtual worlds like Sinespace or Secondlife.

In terms of virtual worlds he has done alot of Djing. He has worked at the following clubs: RNK Radio, Swinging Banana, London Sim, and more that do not exist anymore. He also has had the experience of doing a fashion show on London Sim which required music and announcing as models went down isles. He also worked for weddings venues and personal weddings in Secondlife. That includes the the bridal march, recession, and reception.   

If you would like to book him, you can email him at or message on various social platforms to @djkwave on Facebook and Twitter. If in Secondlife you can message kwave Wilkinson, messages do go to email if not online. Prices are always negotiable per client.

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The Vinnie Show is my absolutely favorite live performance show in the world of Secondlife. I do not get to see them much anymore with my work life and health issues. Vinnie has awesome music talent, can play a guitar very well, and loads of personality! I did this promo for fun for my friends :) 

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An Intro I did for a DJ from the virtual world of Secondlife.

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An Intro I did for a DJ from the virtual world of Secondlife.

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This is our old website ad. We are now where you are now 😀 

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We are now Under our website domain. was a costing a lot to renew due to the .live domain. This was out old radio sweeper. 

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