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testing something :) Will delete this later ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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testing something :) Will delete this later ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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Owner of and VyBZ.XYZ Media and Design. Will add more soon

Starting at the beginning of this year we made plans to go full PWA. There is a Native App for Android on Google Play and it is not going anywhere. It can be found at the following: However, the more lightweight/faster option would be to install our PWA. We have created a new link for easy access it will be QR code now works, it will open in your default mobile browser, you will click install mobile app when it loads. It will auto detect and guide you based on the device you pull the link up on. You can also just open your mobile browser and go to You can also save the app as a desktop app. You will see the Install on this computer-press here on the popup. Any questions please post them here and we would be glad to help.

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This is a video I did back in old days of Secondlife when I was messing around with video stuff. I do not get to get on Secondlife much anymore. My real joy was dj'ing on there and just certain things hinder that enjoyment now.

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This was a music video I made InSL with my wife who I met in this Secondlife. We have been happily married since 04/15/2015. This was one of the venues/forests we ran called Secret Harmony. Michael Buble is such an amazing singer. The song is Close your eyes. It is a beautiful song and not my song at all.

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Reposted MyVyBZ Community's post.

A lot has changed over the past two months! Some changes have also led to some bugs that are to be expected. We are working to get them fixed.

PWA Mobile App (80% working state)

To find out more about what PWA's are and how they are better then a native app you can see more here Overall PWA is faster, more reliable, and takes less space. Do not want to add to your phone screen or tablet? you can always run the site in your mobile web browser which will give your the same experience, just not as fast as adding it to your home screen and running it as a PWA. 

Content Filter (90% working state)

You can now set a rating on your content and under the user menu (top right) > Settings > Content Filter, you can choose what kind of content you want to see. We will be working on a verification system or paid membership system possibly for a one time payment of $5 or something along those lines as a way to verify. We have not decided yet. For now it is open to all. Please test and let us know if you find any bugs.

Profile short urls were offline due to SEO link changes. If you had one, you will have to re-create one, by editing your profile.

Some links here may have updated as well so be sure to check links you may have shared in the past.

There are some other great things coming we have not mentioned yet. Will update here soon.

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Reposted MyVyBZ Community's post.

Last month we got a lot of things done, but most importantly we got our app up on the Google Play store for Android devices. Want to check it out click the following link: We are still pondering over the Apple app and will let you know once we have come to a decision. We have a lot of features coming here in time and hopefully within the next couple of months that we have spoke about in previous updates. We will update this post as these months go on as we have more to share. 

3/9/2022: Fixed cover option for background on Profiles and content areas: Groups, Events, Classes is now working. Please be sure to test out customizations and let us know if you notice any bugs/glitches

3/9/2022: Gigs are back! Gigs are back and working. For now we will keep the Exchange and Gigs and leave it up you the members to decide if it is to much. LEt us know if you run into bugs/glitches. As all things money related you will need to purchase a vendor membership to use these features as we do not take commissions.

What are Gigs? Think of Fiverr or Etsy. You sell your service and provide the final digital product, conversing back and forth with customer. They can mark when they are happy with the final product and access item at any time from there. 

What is the Exchange? The Exchange is more for Ads and Physical items. You can make an Auction and even mark when item has been shipped. You could do services in the Exchange. but it may get a little confusing. That is why there is an Exchange and Gigs are there for exactly what they are, gigs. 

More will come to these areas in time. We will keep you updated as more news comes. 

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