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A lot has changed over the past two months! Some changes have also led to some bugs that are to be expected. We are working to get them fixed.

PWA Mobile App (80% working state)

To find out more about what PWA's are and how they are better then a native app you can see more here Overall PWA is faster, more reliable, and takes less space. Do not want to add to your phone screen or tablet? you can always run the site in your mobile web browser which will give your the same experience, just not as fast as adding it to your home screen and running it as a PWA. 

Content Filter (90% working state)

You can now set a rating on your content and under the user menu (top right) > Settings > Content Filter, you can choose what kind of content you want to see. We will be working on a verification system or paid membership system possibly for a one time payment of $5 or something along those lines as a way to verify. We have not decided yet. For now it is open to all. Please test and let us know if you find any bugs.

Profile short urls were offline due to SEO link changes. If you had one, you will have to re-create one, by editing your profile.

Some links here may have updated as well so be sure to check links you may have shared in the past.

There are some other great things coming we have not mentioned yet. Will update here soon.

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Last month we got a lot of things done, but most importantly we got our app up on the Google Play store for Android devices. Want to check it out click the following link: We are still pondering over the Apple app and will let you know once we have come to a decision. We have a lot of features coming here in time and hopefully within the next couple of months that we have spoke about in previous updates. We will update this post as these months go on as we have more to share. 

3/9/2022: Fixed cover option for background on Profiles and content areas: Groups, Events, Classes is now working. Please be sure to test out customizations and let us know if you notice any bugs/glitches

3/9/2022: Gigs are back! Gigs are back and working. For now we will keep the Exchange and Gigs and leave it up you the members to decide if it is to much. LEt us know if you run into bugs/glitches. As all things money related you will need to purchase a vendor membership to use these features as we do not take commissions.

What are Gigs? Think of Fiverr or Etsy. You sell your service and provide the final digital product, conversing back and forth with customer. They can mark when they are happy with the final product and access item at any time from there. 

What is the Exchange? The Exchange is more for Ads and Physical items. You can make an Auction and even mark when item has been shipped. You could do services in the Exchange. but it may get a little confusing. That is why there is an Exchange and Gigs are there for exactly what they are, gigs. 

More will come to these areas in time. We will keep you updated as more news comes. 

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It is another year and we have plenty more updates on the way. We first want to wish everyone a happy year! The current thing we are working on, before advertising, is fields in certain areas. We just completed events adding a link area for if you are doing an online event and a field in case your selling tickets to share the ticket seller links. As for implementing messenger into the events/groups, you can already use the site mail which can be used for conversations as well or just use the timeline feed. For this reason we are not going to implement messenger into content areas. We have more we are working on that we will reveal here through the month. So keep checking back: 

Additional Fields: 100%  

1/3/2021: Fields are all done. We can add more fields at any time. Let us know if there are more fields you would like to be available. This includes categories, especially if you choose other, let us know what you would like to see. More news to come.

1/5/2022: Gigs/Services will return soon. So stay tuned for that. We will update as we have more to share. Gigs are like what you see on Fiverr and for those who are wondering the difference, The Exchange is for more physical items. With the exchange you are able to share ads and if a vendor member you can sell items like on Facebook Marketplace and also auction those items. More will be added to its functionality over time. 

1/10/2022: We are aware of the timeline photos on feed not popping up in the feed window. This will be fixed soon. Nothing will happen to the photos and they will be there, just not the popup when you click it. Albums are popping up fine from the timeline fine though, just not photos you share directly on to your feed.  As always we will be diligently working in background.

1/16/2022: We are in the process of working on mobile app development. The Android App will be first. Apple will be in the works, but no guarantee if we will be doing it or atleast we may do it not on the Apple Store. It costs $100 a year and that would be an extra expense. As we grow, if we see an increase want for the Apple app, we will make it work.

1/23/2022: Mobile app is live on Google Play for Android devices! We have decided to enable auto profile creation. We realize this may be confusing to some who are used to their profile auto creating on sign up. Originally because there are two profile types and we allow multiple profiles we allowed you to choose personal/organization and then you create your profile. Now it will auto create a personal profile and you can always go up to the top right account menu between the bell and the messenger icon and go to + Create New Profile, to create more profiles including an organization one if wanted. We will have tutorial videos back soon.

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We have been slowing down a little for the holidays, but will still be working in the background to make the site the greatest it can be. Latest News/Updates Below:  

  1. Check out the new Christmas stickers we will be adding throughout December in the Messenger. 12/6/2021: Stickers now showing on homepage chat on refresh **issue fixed**
  2. You can now embed videos. Some members use favorite platforms out there they like to use. You now can share by embedding so you do not have to upload on multiple sites. Share using your favorite platforms like Youtube/Vimeo/Flickr and use the same privacy controls we offer when you upload to the site as well. 
  3. We are aware of some bugs, like with the profile picture and cover image. Make sure to change your cover the old way for now using the edit cover for cover and then the edit profile to change avatar/profile pic. There are some great surprises coming to community soon and this will also be fixed when that happens.
  4. You can now move media  items between Media Albums.  
  5. Some of these changes will be better picture cropping/editing, media management to easily move content between content areas, and more! Great ways to make sharing your talents/hobbies easier and convenient.
  6. We added the add content menu to the top right. Please test and let us know if you notice any bugs. 
  7. What happened to Sounds? Sounds will be gone for good. You can add sounds when adding a blog post. your posts here at MyVyBZ are very open to do the way you like. You could  upload a sound and put your transcript making it a podcast, or a video blog or just a regular blog post. There was no longer a need for Sounds. 
  8. Gigs and Custom Profiles/Content will be back soon. After a backend change to get us ready for the future, They became non-operable. They will be back soon and we will change this once they are. We are still wondering on whether we want to do the ad exchange or not which would have been great for physical items. We will let you know what we decide and please share your thoughts. Custom Profiles/Content Areas are now back. Fixed image option right now is not working so if you want to change background be sure to choose a color or a seamless image where you can set it to repeat. 
  9. We forgot to mention links/usernames are back!  

We hope everybody has been having a great holiday season so far! We have been still working behind the scenes and got two things to update on. Custom Profiles and content areas like Events, Classes etc. are back. Exception fixed cover is not working at this time, but as seen above, using a seamless image and setting repeat or just choose a background color are options. We will add more customization options as we grow and test the current options. 

Second we have fixed the profile photo/cover issue for now. There will be some amazing changes coming to this soon. So keep checking back. 

Categories: 100% If there are other categories you would like to see let us know :)

Additional Fields: 40%

Reimplementing and getting Exchange Workable: 100%

Updated 12/31/2021

**This will change throughout the month so keep checking back. We will post a comment whenever an update is made. Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts below in the comments as well**

We are fully moved over to PHP 8.0 at this time. We are still working on getting Gigs reimplemented. We will update you soon and Happy New Year!  

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November is in motion and more updates/news to come through month so keep an eye on this post throughout the month. One thing has been implemented for November and that is Banners. As you know, here at we value your privacy so we do not use third party tools. We will however be offering the ability to advertise to us here at the community. All banners should be talent/hobby related, PG-13, and do cost. We are still structuring on how we go about it. It will most likely be pay by click, but free for impression. Prices may vary per part of site as well. We will keep you updated throughout month as this happens. 

Community Banner Advertisement implementation 75% 

Fields/Category changes and additions 25% Terms of Service has been updated as of 11/2/2021 - Please see the following additions which apply not only on site, but also in this Discord. The first is under Restrictions - You agree not to, and you will not permit others to: Post content that is not PG-13 and not suitable for ages 13 and up. Parents/teens please be advised content could contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling and/or infrequent use of strong language. There will be a rating system coming 2022, with verification measures, so all content can be shared. If you wish to share non PG-13 content, it must be marked private, only shared with friends, and none of them friends can be under the age of 18. This will be taken seriously and account suspended if those rules are not followed. We will update the terms when that is available. Then there is the the addition to the Return/Refund Policy: Please keep in mind besides Vendor membership/Banner advertising, all other items are sold by the seller. This could include paid content and gigs. Please be sure to contact them if there is an issue with a sale/service. Your discretions is always advised when doing a transaction with someone on the site. Only a person with a vendor account can sell services/products on the site. If you do not see a vendor membership, they are not authorized to sell here at

We will have more to add throughout the month. 

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