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Android mobile app is complete, we are working out some bugs and then will post it to Playstore in which it can take some time to be accepted  (sometimes longer due to COVID) :slight_smile: We decided to get rid of all the social logins except for Discord. We use DIscord as an alternate way to come together and share and DIscord has a good record when it comes to privacy. We do use Google Analytics and Google Adsense (Ads show only to not-signed in users on home/posts/events) We will be looking for alternatives to Google most likely. For those that did not know we are 13+ and are a network to share talents/hobbies. Those may include singing, writing, drawing, video streaming, gaming, and more. You can share your content how you want, as who you want, and also sell your skills or talents (Gig System like Fiver) and learn from others (Classes/Courses). We are all about sharing the good vibes we get from the things we do and meeting others. More updates to come in time...