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Radio.VyBZ.Live News, we are back in August 2020!

     After a lot of searching through hosts and so on, after the suddent closure of Sonixcast and their horrible support we found a new home surprised We are back with three stations to start with some cool features to go along with them. There will be Your Top40, Rockers Choice, and Independant Radio. We may add more in the future, but as it stands for now this is what we have. We are wanting to possibly add on Country, 80's-90s, and Oldies in the future. There is no guarantee at this time though. 


     All stations as always will be built by your requests and now your votes! You heard that right, you will be able to vote when a DJ is on air and during regular radio programming on the songs you love. Do not be afraid to down vote to. Your votes will help decide what music stays, goes, and gets added to regular programming. There will also be shoutouts and a future of some shows being livestreamed on air and to Facebook and Youtube. This is the future of Radio.VyBZ.Live and we are proud to have all of you a part of it. 


     We are looking for Indie Artists who would like to share their music with the world on Independant Radio @ Radio.VYBZ.Live. Help us build the station and be the first to be on it. Please email Radio@VyBZ.Live and provide tracks you would like to share and a Bio of who you are, where you're from, what you do, why you do it, how you do it, etc. No matter where you play you're welcome as long as they are original tracks. We will Put your Bio on under the Independant Radio Section to get your name out there so please share any links and your own sites so we can share those as well and photos as well. Be sure to also join us at and share your talents with the world! Let us know and we will upgrade your account to Pro at no charge so you can boosts your posts. If you wish to pay as a way to Support us as well, you can do that to. If you have non-independant music, we pay royalties so we can share those tracks on our other stations. So feel free to reach out to us.


     Thank you again for all those that did not give up on us. We will continue to expand and build towards the future to provide event better entertainment and resources for free to you. If you wish to help support us you can always donate or upgrade to Pro on your profile. This is $10 for one year, you become a supporter and can boosts your posts and pages, get a verified badge, etc. So be sure to check it out. Hope everyone is staying safe through this pandemic and wish you all well and have you in our prayers.


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