Let us sponsor and cross promote your next special event with a live performer, D.J, or cover concert.

(At this time this only for Secondlife - possibly SineSpace and other Metaverses in future) 

What would we do?

  •         We will pay the cost you would normally pay for that performance.
  •          Advertise your event, with whom, and location on our site/station/social platforms.

Depending on the artist, how the tracks are listed, and if they want us to, we can also air the artist/d.j on air which also helps that artist get air time. Covers are covered by royalties if the song being covered is showing when played with the, correct tagged track, so the original artist gets paid.

*** Important: We need to be able to hear, approve and vet the artist/D.J before we pay for the event. That would be by coming by during a regular performance or a seperate solo session if needed. These are for special events

What would you be doing?

  •          You would do your normal advertising and put Sponsored by MyVyBZ.com on the advertising either in the attached text or on the poster.
  •          You will place our board which can be clicked to get a landmark, promotional items, and notecard related to the station/community.
  •          If applicable the artist/DJ should mention the show being sponsored and by whom at least twice during that event.

Email Radio@myvybz.com with as much info as possible please and if in Secondlife you can message Kwave Wilkinson (Please do notecard in case messages get capped) 

To everyone: If you would like to help us cross-promote these events for these great venues in these virtual places like Secondlife, There will be a tip option attached to this post. We are non-profit radio station and all comes out of pocket.