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Tim’s Carvings
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Customized carvings created by Tim. Shipping is free. Message for more information.

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18 Jun 2022
100 Vine Street, Buffalo Gap, TX, United States
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Just got the finish on these and they are ready to go. Going to start working on Fourth of July designs while taking a little vacation.

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I got this batch of Christmas carvings sanded and stained. Just need to blow off excess sawdust and wipe down; then they will be ready to varnish. Sign for the guinea pigs house in the works now.

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Have a few projects in the works today. I’m taking advantage of the extra day off. Before you know it Christmas will be here, so I’m working on some Christmas carvings. I still have more sanding, stain, and varnish to put on these but they are looking good so far. I have several blank boards ready to go. Let me know if you need something custom made for you. Yep

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Starting to get ready for Christmas! 😊

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