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It is another year and we have plenty more updates on the way. We first want to wish everyone a happy year! The current thing we are working on, before advertising, is fields in certain areas. We just completed events adding a link area for if you are doing an online event and a field in case your selling tickets to share the ticket seller links. As for implementing messenger into the events/groups, you can already use the site mail which can be used for conversations as well or just use the timeline feed. For this reason we are not going to implement messenger into content areas. We have more we are working on that we will reveal here through the month. So keep checking back: 

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1/3/2021: Fields are all done. We can add more fields at any time. Let us know if there are more fields you would like to be available. This includes categories, especially if you choose other, let us know what you would like to see. More news to come.

1/5/2022: Gigs/Services will return soon. So stay tuned for that. We will update as we have more to share. Gigs are like what you see on Fiverr and for those who are wondering the difference, The Exchange is for more physical items. With the exchange you are able to share ads and if a vendor member you can sell items like on Facebook Marketplace and also auction those items. More will be added to its functionality over time. 

1/10/2022: We are aware of the timeline photos on feed not popping up in the feed window. This will be fixed soon. Nothing will happen to the photos and they will be there, just not the popup when you click it. Albums are popping up fine from the timeline fine though, just not photos you share directly on to your feed.  As always we will be diligently working in background.

1/16/2022: We are in the process of working on mobile app development. The Android App will be first. Apple will be in the works, but no guarantee if we will be doing it or atleast we may do it not on the Apple Store. It costs $100 a year and that would be an extra expense. As we grow, if we see an increase want for the Apple app, we will make it work.

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Our app is in review on GooglePlay for Android and we will update you here when it is available. There will be a day 1 update, we did not want to prolong the review process by updating it now. It can take a few days to weeks for approval. The update will just be updating it to API 32. Update: Mobile App Live on Google Play Store for Android

We do plan on an Apple App, but it costs a yearly price of $100 so we will be putting a poll out soon and depending on the results that will let us know if we should go ahead on developing it. We can still develop it without the Apple store, but that would require you allowing non apple store apps on your device like you would on your MAC or IPAD. That is a temporary option. There are some further site bugs and enhancements we are working on as well the app so this may take some time.  

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